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District Rules - Current
District Forms

Notice of Intent to Drill, Modify, or Plug (also to register an existing well and transfer ownership of an exempt well)

Affidavit to Produce Groundwater Individual (non-exempt well owners submit with Notice of Intent for new wells)

Affidavit to Produce Groundwater Entity

Operating Permit Renewal, Amendment, Or Transfer

Production Report Form

Pump Installation Report Form 

Meter Registration Form

*Note - there is no fee to register an existing well or to transfer Ownership.  Fees for drilling, plugging, or modifying a well are listed on Notice of Intent Form and the District Fee Schedule.

District Fees
Process and Contact Information

The available forms are for well owners or potential well owners and well drillers who need to register an existing well, drill a new well, plug a well, or to make modifications to their existing well or modify a permit, including registering a meter and providing well production. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Please Note: All Wells issued permits December 1st, 2004 and after MUST have a Geophysical Log run on the well and submitted to the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District along with the State Well Drillers Report and a completed Application to Register a Well.

* If you need to visit the office to discuss the rules, forms or fees, please contact the office for an appointment to make sure a staff member will be available to meet with you.*

To submit a completed form or materials, please send it to the appropriate address.

All applications, forms and payment to Trinity Glen Rose GCD:

Trinity Glen Rose GCD c/o Emily Green

PO BOX 1589

Helotes, TX 78023

Phone (210) 698-1155

Fax(210)698-1159, or 

Need to find out if you need a Well Permit from the San Antonio Water System:

San Antonio Water System c/o Elizabeth Gomez, SAWS

2800 US HWY 281 N

San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone (210) 233-2349

Need to Find out if you need a Well Permit from the Edwards Aquifer Authority:

Edwards Aquifer Authority

Well Construction Program

900 E. Quincy

San Antonio, TX 78215

Phone (210)222-2204

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