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Watch the Go Gardening Show - Season 3 - Episode 3
Go Gardening Season 3 Episode 3

Go Gardening Season 3 Episode 3

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Welcome to Season 3 of the popular Go Gardening video series. It is a project that is being produced by the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District and Gardening Volunteers of South Texas. Go Gardening is also made possible through our co-title sponsor Edwards Aquifer Authority and San Antonio River Authority.​

You can now watch those Episodes on GVST's YouTube channel.

Episode 3 kicks off at one of Go Gardening's favorite places to visit...Rainbow Gardens on Bandera Road. Spring is also a great time to visit because the nursery is overflowing with plant selections. In this episode, we talked with Haeley Giambalvo with the Native Plants Society. They just finished creating a native plants bed complete with informative signs about all of the featured plants. The beautiful new plant bed sits in full sun, so the plants featured there are ready for use in your landscape's sunny spots. Then Robin from Rainbow Gardens showed us another whole grouping of native plants that are a part of the SAWS Coupon Program. Mark and Robin went on a shopping spree gathering up 15 plants that favor the shade and would qualify for $100 rebate from SAWS.

Next we drove over to Bart Kelly's residence near the Medical Center. Bart has created a beautiful backyard featuring native plants in containers. In fact, in the near future, all of his plants will be in pots/containers. You need to watch this segment to learn why he's making this transition and how he created this stunningly colorful and pollinator friendly yard that he and his family enjoy every day.

Finally, Mark Peterson shares some thoughts about winter grasses that just seem to pop up in yards. Is it grass, are they weeds, what should we do about them? Mark's new "Maintenance Minute" provides all the answers.


Go Gardening's mission is to help people conserve water in the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers by teaching homeowners how to convert turfgrass areas to low-to-no water use landscapes featuring native plants.

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