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Watch the Go Gardening Show - Season 3 - Episode 6
Go Gardening Season 3 Episode 6

Go Gardening Season 3 Episode 6

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Welcome to Season 3 of the popular Go Gardening video series. It is a project that is being produced by the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District and Gardening Volunteers of South Texas. Go Gardening is also made possible through our co-title sponsor Edwards Aquifer Authority and San Antonio River Authority.​

You can now watch those Episodes on GVST's YouTube channel.

Go Gardening Show Episode 6 (July) contrasts the perfectly xeriscaped backyard with a wildscape of a local nature preserve.  Both are beautiful and both feature water-saving native plants, but the overall look is markedly different.


First, we take a look at Nora and David Williams' backyard. Working with a professional landscaper, they put together one of the best examples of a finely manicured xeriscape we've ever seen. There is a nice blend of native plants that bloom at various times of the year, a sensible use of hardscapes to create sitting areas and walkways and then a small patch of turfgrass to add to the color palette of the yard. You will hear how they put the yard together over a few years and how they met their goals of significantly reducing water use and maintenance requirements. 

Next, the crew set out for a short hike at the Bulverde Oaks Nature Preserve operated by Green Spaces Alliance. This preserve features lots of native plants, grasses and trees growing in a parklike setting. The interesting discussion throughout our tour had to do with how many of these native plants could be used in homeowners front and backyards. Along the trails we also learned about some plants that actually help purify the air. Once you see this segment, you will want to visit the Bulverde Oaks Nature Preserve, which you can do on the first Saturday of every month. Ready to take a hike? This will be an immersive learning experience as well as a relaxing way to enjoy the great outdoors.


Go Gardening's mission is to help people conserve water in the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers by teaching homeowners how to convert turfgrass areas to low-to-no water use landscapes featuring native plants.

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