GMA 9 Joint Planning Committee - 2021
2021 GMA-9 Supporting Background Information
TGR Takes Part in Regional Water Planning

The TGRGCD was created to address groundwater issues or problems within the District overlaying Trinity group of aquifers. The District includes data from the TWDB’s Groundwater Availability Models (GAMs), input from the Groundwater Management Area 9 cooperative planning process, public input, and the most current and accurate site-specific data available in the development of its management plan to preserve, protect and conserve the Aquifer.


The District also cooperates with adjacent groundwater districts, Groundwater Management Area 9, Regional Water Planning Groups, local water purveyors and stakeholders, and adjacent counties with similar aquifers and/or groundwater usage to ensure a collaborative means of protecting water supplies in this area of the state.

GMA-9 Regional Water Planning Area
TGR Research and Aquifer Studies

USGS Spring Survey Results


US Geological Survey has compiled and released a spring survey report. USGS partnered with TGRGCD, Edwards Aquifer Authority and San Antonio River Authority to create a geodatabase of springs throughout northern Bexar County.


Geodatabase and Characteristics of Springs Within and Surrounding the Trinity Aquifer Outcrops in Northern Bexar County, Texas, 2010–11


LBG-Guyton Structure Maps and Stratigraphy Dataset for TGRGCD


LBG-Guyton Associates prepared a stratigraphic dataset and two structure maps for the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District in Northern Bexar County.  The structure maps represent the top of the lower Glen Rose and top of the Cow Creek formations, within the Trinity Aquifer.

LBG-Guyton Structure Report - PDF

Structure Map Lower Glen Rose - PDF


Structure Map Cow Creek - PDF