There are a tremendous number of resources you can access related to local, regional and state regulatory agencies which you can find here. There are also some great interactive maps here which show information about each monitoring water well in the district.

Need Help with Water Quality Testing?

If you feel that your water has a quality issue and you are on a municipal supply, please contact your purveyor (e.g. City of Fair Oaks Ranch, Grey Forest Utilities, Southwest Water Co., Aqua Texas, SAWS, etc.). The photo above is from the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority lab. 

Regional Labs

Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority 

City of San Antonio Metro Health – (210)207-8887 (basic bacteriological testing only) 

Pollution Control Services – (210)340-0343

San Antonio Testing Laboratory – (210)229-9920

T.C.E.Q. List of Accredited Laboratories

TGR  Monitor Wells Interactive Map
Water Wells in the Trinity Glen Rose District
Water Well Map.jpg

There is an outstanding interactive water map you can access that is maintained by the Texas Water Development Board. Just follow the instructions below to take a look at the wells located near you.

Click this link to go to the Texas Water Development Board’s interactive water well map.

  • Type in the address you are searching for in the upper left corner.

  • You will then see the location you typed in on the map and the nearby wells represented by dots.

  • Click on any of the dots and you will see all of the information the State of Texas has about that well.


Feel free to explore this interactive map. There are many other resources under the various tabs on this site.

TGR  Regional Pumping Impact Study
Study map.jpg

Following notification of a proposed groundwater production project in Bexar county, TGR commenced with a regional impact study through WSP to assess potential impacts. The project would include the activation of production wells located in northeastern Bexar County. Click the link below to read the report.

TGR Modeling Results Final Report

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