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TGR District Declares Drought Stage 2

Current Drought Stage: Stage 2 as of May 2, 2022

Following the declaration of Stage 2 water restrictions by San Antonio Water System and Edwards Aquifer Authority, the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District (TGR) declared STAGE 2 water restrictions in compliance with the District’s Drought Contingency Plan effective as of Monday, May 2.

According to the current US Drought Monitor, Northern Bexar County is listed as D3-Extreme Drought. More than 50 percent of the state is also included in this category, while another 20 percent is listed as in an Exceptional Drought. The outlook for precipitation over the next three months is below normal.


The Drought Monitor is one measure used to determine the need to move from one drought stage to another. The District may choose to initiate drought stages as major public water systems serving residents within the District boundaries declare drought stages. Additionally, water level data is gathered from TGR monitor wells that represent groundwater level fluctuations and declines.


With the understanding that landscape watering during the spring and summer months results in great increases in groundwater consumption, we ask that everyone practice water conservation measures regardless of irrigation system type.


The conservation measures outlined and strongly encouraged under TGR’s Stage 1 drought plan include:

•    Non-exempt users shall reduce water usage by 10% over prior year. 

•    Non-public swimming pools covered a minimum of 25% by evaporation screens. 

•    Discontinue use of all aesthetic fountains and vanity ponds.

•    Water wasting, including washing impervious cover (ex. driveways), prohibited. 

•    Hand watering with hose, drip irrigation, or bucket on non-designated watering days is
      allowed, however, it is strongly encouraged this be done between 7am – 11am and 7pm – 11pm
•    Reduce landscape watering to once per week on designated watering day between 7am – 11am

      and 7pm – 11pm           

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