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You know the saying "Everything's Bigger in Texas." Well, that truism couldn't be more important than when it applies to conserving water, especially when it's hot (which can be most of the year). Did you know outdoor watering can double your water use during the summer? And lots of that wet stuff can be wasted through evaporation, runoff and just plain overwatering. So, you need to love our local aquifers like the Trinity Aquifer and the Edwards Aquifer like you mean it.


And that's why we say Don't Waste the Wet Stuff, because wasting water is just not Texas-like.


So, here are some great ideas for how you can help your own family and our water resources as well.

Saving Water Outdoors_edited.png
  • Water only on your designated day and preferably in the early morning.

  • Check your sprinkler system and controller to ensure it is running efficiently.

  • Install rain sensors on sprinkler systems.

  • Fix leaky faucets and hoses..they waste water and money.

  • Water your grass…not the sidewalk and street.

  • Native plants don't require much water, overwatering can kill them.

  • Make plans to change out your high water use turf grass to low water use, colorful native plants and ground cover. You don't have to do it all at once. Pick a spot in your yard that needs little love and start there.

  • The Trinity Glen Rose District co-sponsors a video series called Go Gardening which teaches homeowners how to convert their landscapes to native plants, hardscapes and other decorative landscape materials. Click here to watch Go Gardening.

  • Mid-day sun doesn't play well with landscape sprinklers.

  • Use a broom to clear away debris, instead of using the hose.

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