TGR NEWS - June 2022

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TGR Partners with GVST to Produce Go Gardening!
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Every person involved in teaching water conservation techniques knows that landscape watering can account for 60 percent or more of a home’s water use during those hot and dry summer months in South Texas. Given that fact, the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District (TGR) worked with its partner Gardening Volunteers of South Texas (GVST) to develop an internet show to promote the value of converting traditional, turf-heavy landscapes to water-saving xeriscapes featuring native plants. The result…Go Gardening!


The Go Gardening Show premiered last month and TGR newsletter subscribers were given a special preview of the pilot program. With positive feedback and water agency support, it looks like Go Gardening will become a first Friday of the month fixture for the foreseeable future.


“We’ve been talking about this type of public outreach program for many months and we think we’ve found the right balance of information to provide in this new water conservation based show,” said TGR General Manager George Wissmann. “GVST was founded about 20 years ago for the purpose of helping homeowners and business owners learn how to create great-looking landscapes while significantly reducing their water use. That water savings helps water managers preserve local aquifers like the Trinity Aquifer and Edwards Aquifer. So, we hope people will talk to their friends and neighbors about Go Gardening and give us some feedback on it. We’re definitely excited to get the show rolling.”


Each month, Go Gardening will contain three segments. One feature will be of a landscape in San Antonio so viewers can get some ideas for their own yards. The next will bring you a "how to" in the garden and we will always have a segment on how you can conserve water. Plus, Go Gardening is planning some feature stories about San Antonio’s water resources so people can get to know their value and what it takes to maintain them.


You can watch the May Go Gardening show at: You can look for the June episode to debut at 8 a.m., June 3.

TAGD Promotes Sentinel Landscape Program
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The Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts recently ran a great article in its monthly publication about the Sentinel Landscape Program, of which the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District is a partner. The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership is a coalition of agencies and non-governmental organizations that works with private landowners to advance sustainable land management practices around military installations and ranges. In February of this year, Joint Base San Antonio—Camp Bullis was nationally recognized as the newest Sentinel Landscape. In the article TGR, Assistant General Manager Amanda Maloukis provided some insights to the groundwater district’s involvement.


The Sentinel Landscape designation for Camp Bullis was a positive step forward in protecting the Trinity Aquifer. You can read the entire article at this link.

Stage 2 Water Restrictions Still in Place

There were some high hopes for torrents of rain last week. And while many people did get a few inches of rain, it wasn’t nearly enough to stave off the ongoing drought most of the State of Texas has been experiencing. Consequently, local water agencies, including the Trinity Glen Rose District, are still in Stage 2 of their Drought Management Plans.


The conservation measures outlined and strongly encouraged under TGR’s Stage 2 drought plan include:


  • Non-exempt users shall submit a Conservation Plan to the District and shall reduce water usage by 10% over the same calendar month the prior year. 

  • Non-public swimming pools covered a minimum of 25% by evaporation screens.

  • Discontinue use of all aesthetic fountains and vanity ponds.

  • Water wasting, including washing impervious cover (ex. driveways), prohibited.

  • Hand watering with hose, drip irrigation, or bucket on non-designated watering days is allowed, however, it is strongly encouraged this be done between 7am – 11am and 7pm – 11pm.

  • Reduce landscape watering to once per week on designated watering day between 7am – 11am and 7pm – 11pm.

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Time to Have your Sprinkler System Checked
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July through September is typically the hottest and driest stretch of weather we see in South Texas each year. Any by now you know that means that your water conservation knowledge and skills should be on high alert. Because landscape watering can account for up to 60 percent of the city’s water use during this time of year, the Trinity Glen Rose District always like to remind homeowners and business owners to have their sprinkler systems inspected before the systems are turned on for regular use. Wasted water cannot be retrieved, so you only get one chance to efficiently use the water provided by the city’s water resources such as the Trinity and Edwards Aquifers.

The quickest do-it-yourself way to check your system is to start it up and then inspect each of the sprinkler heads in all of the system’s zones. Look for broken heads or heads that have sunken below ground. Then make sure that the heads are not watering the streets and sidewalks. Then you can observe whether there is adequate water pressure feeding each sprinkler head. A broken pipe or sprinkler head can drain away pressure and waste significant amounts of water.

Also, if you have been slowly and steadily replacing high water use plants with native low water use plants, you might make sure that your sprinkler system either does not water areas with native plants or waters only a little.

Here is some great news for you. The Trinity Glen Rose District and San Antonio Water System have teamed up over the last few years to offer free irrigation system consultation programs. In fact, TGR will give you a $50 coupon to have the consultation done. Just go to for more information.

TGR Publishes 2021 Annual Report 
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The Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District (TGR) just published its 2021 Annual Report. The TGR board reviewed the report in early March and approved the document for publication at its March meeting.

The 2021 Annual Report provides good background on the:

  •  purpose of the district

  •  district goals

  •  current leadership

  •  well monitoring work

  •  financial position, and

  •  community outreach programs

This year, the District included two charts which outline TGR’s involvement in regional GMA-9 joint water planning efforts required by the State of Texas. The charts provide a 10-year history of water use in the region and how that compares to the region’s goals for water production from the Trinity Aquifer. Those goals are known as “desired future conditions.”

You can download the 2021 TGR Annual Report here.