TGR District Drought Stage - Year Round Conservation

Current Drought Stage: Year Round as of July 15, 2021

Timely and plentiful rainfall during a typically hot and dry season has allowed the Trinity Glen Rose District (TGR) to move from its Stage 1 Drought Stage to Year Round Conservation. The District declared Stage 1 about a year ago. While Year Round Conservation is less restrictive on water use, the District reminds water users that there are several ways each home and business owner can be good stewards of the water delivered from the Trinity Aquifer. Here are the guidelines for Year Round Conservation outlined in the TGR Rules.

The TGR District strongly encourages homeowners, homebuilders and/or developers, exempt and non-exempt well users to incorporate the conservation practices as outlined in the City Of San Antonio’s Ordinance #100322 where standards became effective January 2006. In addition to stating that wasting water is prohibited, the rules encourage both common sense ideas like not using a hose to sweep paved areas to larger applications should as installing rain sensors and converting traditional landscapes to Xeriscapes. Homebuilders are urged to install Xeriscapes as part of their landscaping packages. Owners of irrigation systems should have those systems checked at least once a year for leaks and proper settings of the controller. Hand watering is encouraged over the use of an irrigation system. Additionally, water conservation improvements like the employing the use of rain water harvesting systems and choosing car washes which recycle water are spelled out in the TGR Rules.

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TWDB Drought Monitor Map
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