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Go Gardening Episode 1 - May 2022

Go Gardening Episode 1 - May 2022

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Welcome to Go Gardening, a project that is being produced by the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District and the Gardening Volunteers of South Texas.

Go Gardening is also made possible through our sponsors San Antonio Water System and San Antonio River Authority. Thanks guys!

This is our first show and we want to hear what you think of this episode and get your questions about gardening and water conservation for the next one. Each show will contain three segments. One feature will be of a landscape in San Antonio so viewers can get some ideas for their own yards. The next will bring you a "how to" in the garden and we will always have a segment on how you can conserve water in your landscape.

This month we're showing how to get a free irrigation system consultation from San Antonio Water System. Did you know that as much as 60 percent of your water use in the spring and summer can be due to your landscape watering. So, it only makes sense to ensure your sprinkler system is set correctly and all of the sprinkler heads are doing their jobs and not wasting water. Thanks Brad Weir, San Antonio Water System, for a great segment!


Next, great compost is essential to nourishing your soil and plants. Using compost at the right time of year can make all the difference in the world as to how your landscape looks this year. We visited with Todd Knief with Atlas Organics to show you how compost is made and how you can get a truckload.

Next, we visited with Kristy Sommers with Gardening Volunteers of South Texas. Kristy gave us an inside look at how she developed a beautiful butterfly garden in her front yard. And, she did this project all by herself. You can too!

At the end of each show, Go Gardening will feature a Q&A. And since this is our first show, we asked Mark Peterson, San Antonio Water System, to talk about the most common questions he gets. Mark is always fun to listen to and always steers you in the right direction for creating a healthy, water-saving landscape.

We hope you enjoy this month's Go Gardening!